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Follow The Steps To A Successful Adoption

Last updated on September 14, 2022

For many couples, adoption is the right choice for starting or adding to a family. Perhaps your family wishes to give a safe, loving home to a child in need of one or you are planning to adopt a child who is already a member of your family, but whose parents are either not willing or not able to care for the child themselves. Either way, it is important to speak with an experienced adoption lawyer to be sure that your rights and the rights of your adopted child are protected now and into the future.

The dedicated Greenwood Village family law attorneys at Ammarell Deasy, LLP, can ensure that you understand the legal consequences of your adoption and that you know what to expect out of the adoption process itself. Ammarell Deasy, LLP, can help you bring an adopted child into your family, or we can help you find a loving home for a child you are unable to raise yourself.

Parental Rights Of The Birth Parents

One of the most valuable services that your attorney provides may be making sure that the parental rights of the birth parents are legally terminated during the adoption process. While the decision to give a child up for adoption is an extremely difficult one for many, it is important to ensure that, once the child is placed in your family, there will not come a time when someone else asserts legal custody rights that you thought belonged to you and your family alone.

A family might adopt a child under many scenarios, each of which is likely to come with its own unique legal circumstances. The experienced adoption lawyers at Ammarell Deasy, LLP, can help navigate through any circumstances that may arise by:

  • Representing the adoptive parents
  • Representing the birth parents
  • Interstate adoption
  • International adoption
  • Open adoption
  • Same-sex parent adoption
  • Contested adoption
  • Termination of parental rights

It is extremely important that you have a dedicated Colorado adoption attorney to assist with the process for several reasons. First and foremost, adoption law is complicated and a mistake in paperwork or protocol can result in problems down the line. Your adoption lawyer can make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and that once the adoption is finalized, your rights and the rights of your new child are protected into the future. Unfortunately, problems may arise. Birth parents may change their minds about what they want, which can make the process much more difficult. Unforeseen health issues with the child can also create difficulties in the adoption process.

Contact Colorado adoption law firm Ammarell Deasy, LLP, today to discuss your options if your family is considering adoption. Whether you are seeking to expand your family or seeking a loving, caring home for a child you cannot care for, Ammarell Deasy, LLP‘s attorneys have worked with numerous families in the Denver metro area to provide the assistance that is vital to a smooth adoption process. We possess a thorough understanding of adoption law, including the various situations that can complicate the process.

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