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Safeguard Your Future With Your Child

When your family goes through upheaval, whether due to divorce or the separation of an unmarried couple, your biggest concern is probably your children. You want to make sure the transition for them is as smooth as possible, but also protect your time with them. In the end, you hope for a brighter future for you and your children. You need an attorney who will work to help you preserve your parent-child relationship and protect the best interests of your children.

Ammarell Deasy, LLP, has helped parents throughout Colorado establish and protect their parenting time. Using our combined 40 years of family law experience, we take the time to develop a strategy tailored to every client. We listen to your goals and work hard to help you achieve those goals, whether in a settlement agreement or in the courtroom.

What Is In Your Child’s Best Interest?

Colorado law replaced the term child custody with “parental responsibilities” in 1999. This phrase still covers where and with whom the child will live, who makes major decisions regarding the child, such as health care and education, and how much parenting time the noncustodial parent will have.

Like most places in the U.S., the family law court makes these decisions based on the best interest of the child. The factors that contribute to this determination include:

  • Emotional needs of the child, including the child’s wishes
  • Whether the child would have to change schools or neighborhoods
  • Each parent’s wishes
  • Each parent’s ability to care for the child

The courts do not assume either parent is better based on gender, and they often give parents joint legal custody. Sharing physical custody with an exact 50-50 split does not often work well for practical reasons, so one parent usually has primary physical custody. Every family’s circumstances are different.

Custody Issues Outside Of Divorce

A traditional divorce is not the only time custody can come into dispute. When an unmarried couple has a child, they may find themselves facing similar issues if they split up. If the father is not already on the birth certificate, he may have to establish paternity in order to address custody and child support issues. When circumstances change, you may need to request a post-divorce modification of a custody arrangement. If you are not the biological parent of a child you wish to care for, you will need legal help with a guardianship or adoption proceeding.

Our experienced and skilled attorneys can help you with all these issues, whatever your circumstances. Your relationship with your child is too important to leave to chance. Contact our office to discuss how we can help you today.

Discuss Your Child Custody Issue With Us

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