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If you use a dictionary to look it up, advocacy is the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal.

When you need a lawyer to handle your toughest times, you are really looking for the right fit with an advocacy team that can deliver.

At Ammarell Deasy, LLP, advocacy defines us.  We believe shouldering the responsibility of making a difference in people’s lives through advocacy is the kind of privilege few people have.  And we do not take that responsibility lightly.  There is nothing more important to us than fighting for your cause.

We Work For Our Clients, Not The Other Way Around

When you seek legal counsel, you should be looking for an advocate.  An experienced lawyer with a proven track record of success both inside and outside the courtroom. One who believes in you and is willing to let you know the consequences you face taking certain actions. The partners at Ammarell Deasy bring 50 years’ worth of advocacy experience to your table.  We tell anyone who trusts us with their family matter cases “we work for clients, not the other way around.” We begin to fight for you the moment you trust us with your future, and our advocacy for you never takes a day off. Whether it is contact with another attorney, staff at a courthouse, or the other party in your case, we begin to champion your cause from day one.

Of course, our legal system exists to resolve disputes. Most of the time, when you need our team to advocate on your behalf, there are ongoing disputes that are difficult to manage on your own. Maybe it’s the parenting time schedule you think is best for your treasured children. Maybe it’s the amount of money she wants to pay or all the money he runs through his business he does not want to call income. Maybe it’s the addiction she has or the anger he shows every time he comes home from work after hours and finds the house a mess. Sometimes, it’s even worse or unthinkable. As your advocates, we are confident there is no situation we cannot help you manage as you navigate towards simpler times or out of harm’s way.

Some think no matter what, cases have to “go to Court.”  That means a courtroom, a Judge, lots of money and lots of uncertainty. To the contrary, as advocates, we work about as hard as we can to try and fashion remedies to your situation that keep us outside the courthouse. With more than 90% of our cases settling outside a courtroom, we advocate for you every step of the way in resolving your case.

You Will Never Be Outlawyered

Of course, there are those cases that together, we cannot settle. Despite your best efforts, the other side takes a position that is simply nonsensical or punitive – which sadly happens from time to time. In that case, we tell every client the same thing: “You will never be outlawyered in a courtroom. We know everything we have to about procedure, the Rules of Evidence and Colorado family law. You might get beat, but it won’t be because you had the ill-prepared, lesser attorney. You didn’t ask for us to try hard. You asked us to win. And we’re going to fight as hard as we can for your victory.”

There is virtually nothing in family law the advocates at Ammarell Deasy, LLP have not seen. Our reputations precede us in courtrooms across Colorado, and our clients continue to bless us with more and more referrals based on advocacy jobs well done. While other firms may tell you what they bring to the table, we don’t have to do that. Instead, we tell you who to contact about our work for the asking. You want client names, we’ll give you five. You want five, we’ll give you 10. We’ve earned our reputations as advocates and we aren’t afraid of you doing some research. We know what our clients think of us, what colleagues think of us, what judicial officers think of us and chances are, you’ve already talked to someone who knows us and pointed you our way.

At Ammarell Deasy, LLP, advocacy never takes a day off.  It defines and drives us.  And it is what we promise for you.