Jenni Wurtz

Jenni Wurtz


Jenni has been in Family law for three years. She is passionate about the law and helping people through difficult situations. Daily she organizes, compiles and focuses the facts of a case.

Her aim is to make sense of chaos. Her favorite part of her job is preparing for a Hearing. She is a retired police dispatcher and a mother of six. Jenni grew up in Kansas City Missouri, but Denver has been her home for many years. Much to the frustration of her childhood friends, she is a huge Denver Broncos fan.

She says often, “I feel lucky to have found the perfect career for me. I get to combine my love for helping people who are struggling and finding solutions within the law.

When she’s not spending time with her family, Jenni loves to bake and create new recipes. She is also obsessed with the Food Network. Her bucket list includes tasting food prepared by a Michelin Star Chef.

It would be even better if that chef were Gordon Ramsay.

When asked what she likes about Ammarell Deasy, she says “Every Attorney at the firm channels drive, compassion, honesty and hard work and I love to work in a space like that.”