Taryn Ammarell

Photo Of Taryn Ammarell


Legal Assistant

Taryn is a legal assistant at Ammarell Deasy. She is fairly new to the firm but is just starting to pursue her interest in the legal field. Right now, she is a rising second year studying political science at the University of Denver. She is inspired by the passion she sees from others at Ammarell Deasy and became quickly fascinated by the art of law. She was awarded the Pioneer Scholar Recipient as she graduated and became a DU student; in addition to being the recipient of academic excellence and honorable mention in high school. Taryn is a powerful force in the workplace due to her positive attitude and drive to learn new skills. Her day consists of communicating with clients as well as the staff and attorneys in the office. Additionally, she assists with scheduling and coordinating. She plans to continue her academic career at DU while adding minors in legal socio studies as well as women studies. She is excited to continue gaining experience through exposure at Ammarell Deasy and eventually attend law school in the future.