What are the Dangers of Handling Your Own Colorado Divorce?
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What are the Dangers of Handling Your Own Colorado Divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Firm News |

Going through a divorce in Colorado is not an easy process. Separating from your spouse is a difficult and trying time for all parties involved. In an attempt to minimize the pain and expedite the process, many couples are choosing to handle their own divorces. While this may seem like a cost-effective and easy way to get divorced, Greenwood Village couples should be cautious. Choosing to handle your own divorce without the help of an experienced Greenwood Village divorce attorney will likely cost you far more money and time in the end.


Dangers to Divorcing Without a Greenwood Village Divorce Lawyer

  • Custody Errors
  • Paperwork Filing Errors
  • Missing Critical Deadlines
  • Improperly Distributing Assets
  • Failing to Deal with Life Insurance Properly
  • Mishandling 401K and other Retirement Assets
  • Failing to Request the Resumption of your Maiden Name
  • Forgetting to Distribute Investments Properly
  • Not Securing Child Support or Alimony
  • Not Calculating Child Support Properly
  • And more

Without an experienced Greenwood Village divorce attorney on your side, you may wind up with the short end of the stick. You may lose valuable property, assets, retirement funds, and even time with your children. Failure to meet deadlines or filling out paperwork improperly can also lead to increased costs and more time spent on divorce. In addition, filing errors can have far-reaching consequences that could adversely affect your mortgage, your credit scores, and even your savings.


An experienced divorce attorney can represent your best interests throughout the divorce process, so you can keep your assets and maintain the lifestyle to which you were accustomed. If child support is needed, your attorney can also ensure that child support is calculated correctly and that your children’s needs are met.

If you and your spouse are amicable, hiring a Greenwood Village divorce lawyer can make the entire process quick and easy. In addition, there are numerous ways you can keep the costs down without losing your rights to your property or your children. Your attorney will be able to ensure that you do not miss any critical deadlines and that all lose ends are tied up after your divorce.