Understand what you need to know about seeking paternity answers

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It’s sad, but many cases involving paternity are tense and emotional. Men may want, or not want, to be the father of a child. They may be worried about the outcome and being involved in the child’s life.

It’s important that you know your rights, the process involved in proving or disproving paternity and your obligations throughout the process. Whether you’re a man seeking a paternity test or a woman who wants to prove that a man is the father of your child, it’s necessary to take steps to protect your rights throughout the process.

What happens if you’re a man who needs to know if you’re the father of a child?

If you are a man who wants to prove or disprove paternity, you should discuss seeking a DNA test and order from the court for a paternity test with your attorney. If you are proven to be the father of the child, then you may be able to seek custody or visitation rights for your child and be part of the decision-making process as they grow older.

What happens if you’re a woman who wants to prove that a man is the father of your child?

You can also seek an order for a paternity test if a man will not take one willingly. If he is proven to be the father, he may be able to seek custody, visitation and regular parental rights. You may also have the right to child support.

Our website has more on paternity testing and what you should expect. Whether you’re the mother or potential father of a child, a DNA test is one way to be certain of who the biological father of your child is.