Mediated divorce helps co-parents succeed
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Mediated divorce helps co-parents succeed

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | Divorce |

When filing for divorce, many parents worry about the well-being of their children. Negotiations on property division, alimony and custody can create conflict that may spill over into the home and play out in front of the kids.

Separate living arrangements may help alleviate these stressors, but not all families can afford this option. For parents motivated toward a quick compromise that minimizes deliberation and lets the couple control the outcome, mediation may help.

Mediation benefits can last years

Mediation will not work for every couple. Victims of abuse are safer using the legal workings of a courtroom to adjudicate a fair ruling. Couples who can communicate and collaborate will benefit the most from the mediation process. Mediation allows co-parents to:

  • Choose their mediator: A judge issues a ruling; a mediator finds a compromise. Couples can choose any neutral party to serve, but a professional mediator has the benefit of extensive training. By prioritizing patience and understanding, a mediator gently guides the negotiations towards mutually beneficial compromise. A mediator will push spouses to recognize the needs and wants of the other and make reasonable accommodations.
  • Speak freely: In a courtroom, couples usually confer with their lawyers before speaking to prevent legal ramifications. Lawyers in future disputes may scour these transcripts for evidence of some slight or misconstrued phrase. In mediation, the agreement stands as the only record, allowing couples to speak freely and without legal consequence.
  • Reach a compromise quickly and affordably: Mediation can happen almost wherever and whenever the couple wishes. Without the need of a courtroom, a couple does not have to worry about scheduled hearings or paying expensive court fees. Many lawyers charge lower hourly rates when working within mediation, and some courthouses pay for the mediator.
  • Enjoy satisfactory results: Mediation strives to draft a divorce agreement that pleases both spouses. Most people who use mediation report greater satisfaction than those who use traditional litigation.

Curious about mediation? A lawyer can help

Mediation can provide motivated co-parents several tools and resources they can use throughout their relationship. These techniques may benefit the children as well, or at least create reliable pathways toward resolving disputes. Those looking for more information can bring their questions to a local attorney familiar with Denver divorce law.