3 ways that you benefit from using a parenting app to communicate
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3 ways that you benefit from using a parenting app to communicate

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Divorce |

After years of marriage, you may scoff at the idea that you need an intermediary to communicate with your ex. However, there’s a reason that parenting apps have become not just popular but also the standard in many modern divorces.

When you share children, you have no choice, in most cases, but to continue communicating regularly. You will have to successfully cooperate to share custody and communicate about difficult issues involving your children. The three reasons below are often referenced by parents who have embraced a parenting app as their primary means of scheduling and communication.

  1. Parenting apps to help you keep the focus on the kids

Ending a marriage involves drastic changes in how you and your ex relate and communicate. You will likely experience strong emotions throughout the process which could impact how you interact.

If you talk, email or send text messages directly, your emotions may eventually take over, with the conversation veering into your marriage rather than what is necessary for your kids. Using a parenting app will make it easier for you to remind yourself to keep the focus on the kids and to not let your emotions run away with you.

  1. Parent apps minimize the risk for confusion and miscommunication

Parents have to juggle so much information while sharing custody that inevitably mistakes occur. If you try to verbally discuss changes in your parenting schedule, mistakes could happen.

Co-parenting apps typically include a schedule for the parents to refer to and update. When one parent needs to make a change to the schedule, they can do so in the app so that the change is available for parents to review, ensuring no one forgets about it.

  1. Parenting apps will give you evidence if you need a modification

Has your ex routinely failed to show up for parenting time or canceled days? Have they used aggressive or abusive language for you or the children? A parenting app can help by providing written records of your communications and possibly helping demonstrate certain patterns of behavior.

Even if you and your ex are able to get along relatively well, a co-parent thing app is helpful for its organizational purposes. By making it easier for you to communicate calmly, parenting apps make shared custody after divorce easier for everyone.