How to make your divorce communications count
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How to make your divorce communications count

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Divorce |

It would be nice if couples could end a marriage easily. Unfortunately, spouses must settle many issues before their divorce is complete. Sometimes, they cannot agree on critical elements such as property division and children.

In-person discussions and other forms of communication are critical in finding a middle ground during a divorce. If every attempt to interact with your spouse ends in an argument with nothing resolved, perhaps finding better ways to communicate will help.

Communicate via counsel

You can, especially when spousal aggression is a factor, but there are benefits in communicating directly. If you have children together, it is unlikely that you will never have to speak with your spouse again. When you communicate more effectively during your divorce, it can improve post-divorce discussions centered on your kids.

Don’t talk when you can write

Emotions are raw between couples in the middle of a split. Even a well-meant attempt at a discussion may fail because of the pain, betrayal and anger associated with divorce. Writing a letter or an email may get your points across without your conversation devolving into a fight.

Use technology whenever possible

Some divorcing couples use their smartphone text apps to discuss important issues. This can work, but your conversations can become long and unwieldy. Consider trying one of the many co-parenting apps to compress your discussions and keep a record of them. Even if you have no children, these apps can help you manage your spouse-to-spouse communications.

We know your goal is to end your marriage as quickly and smoothly as possible. For many, improving spousal communication while learning more about divorce in Colorado can help accomplish this goal.