What can you do if divorce discussions always become arguments?
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What can you do if divorce discussions always become arguments?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2023 | Divorce |

Constant spousal conflict or arguments is one reason some divorces take longer than others. It is hard to negotiate divorce issues when every attempt at having a civil conversation devolves into an outright battle.

Getting your arguments under control is critical to resolving your divorce issues in a timely manner. However, the emotions at the heart of most divorces can interfere with productive negotiations.

Try these tips when discussing divorce matters with your spouse who seems more interested in arguing than finding solutions.

Offer to think over their position

Both parties to a divorce usually have valid points they wish the other spouse to hear and understand. Striking down their ideas or suggestions automatically nearly always leads to an unproductive argument. Instead, step into your spouse’s shoes and offer to think about their position.

Such a response can defuse the situation and help your spouse feel heard, making them more cooperative during your discussions. Plus, you may come to believe their divorce-related ideas have merit.

Disengage during divorce arguments

Many divorce fights arise out of one spouse’s anger and spite. Take yourself out of the situation when negotiations stall and your spouse goes on a tirade about something that happened a decade ago. Excuse yourself politely and walk away each time your conversation becomes a battle.

After doing this a few times, your spouse will likely get the message that you will not participate in fruitless arguments. Your divorce discussions going forward will probably improve.

Having sound legal guidance is also wise for those facing tough divorce negotiations. This can help you protect your rights and future.