5 steps to help you prepare for a Child Custody Case in Colorado
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5 steps to help you prepare for a Child Custody Case in Colorado

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2019 | Firm News |

Establishing, adjusting and changing child custody agreements should be done through the state’s family court and a person must be prepared before pleading the case in court.

Here are five steps which can help prepare for the child custody case

One should know which type of child custody he/she wants. The types of child custody are given below:

  • Joint custody, also called shared custody, is one of the types in which the court grants custody to both parents.
  • Sole custody is that type of custody in which custody is given to only one parent. In sole custody, only the parent who gets custody can make decisions related to their child.
  • In legal custody, the parent given custody has the right to make decisions about the child’s upbringing. With sole legal custody, a person can make decisions not considering what the other parent wants for the child. With joint legal custody, both parents make decisions about their child’s medical care, religious affiliation or schooling.
  • With physical custody, a child lives with the parent who is given custody but the other parent can also make decisions for him/her.

One should know the Colorado child custody law

Under the child custody law in Colorado, decisions are made based on what is in the best interests of your child and what is good for him/her.

There are many factors which are considered by the judges while making a child custody decision. Judges view information and details of any history of abuse or neglect and similar factors. Wish of the child, wishes of the parents and the interaction each parent has with the child is also considered important while making the decision. Other than that, the physical and mental health of the child and the parents are viewed. The last factor which is considered by the judges is whether the court decision will change the life of the child for the better or not, such as community or schooling.

A person should give the parenting plan to the court

A child custody plan that a person makes should include important things related to the child such as how much time you’re planning to spend with the child and what are the things that you can do better than the other parent. The plan should also include details about how you and the other parent are planning to settle disputes without affecting and involving the child.

A parent who wants to get the child custody plan has to give the parent plant where he/she filed the petition or an answer to the other parent’s child custody request.

Collect proof

Proof is required depending on the cause and type of custody a person wants. For example, if a parent wants to get sole physical and legal custody due to abuse, he/she needs proof of the abuse.

Preparation for the case before going to court

A person should discuss the case with his/her attorney about the written statement or go over his/her court petition with their lawyer before going to court.