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Parenting Classes

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Firm News |

If you are involved in a dissolution proceeding and have children, every court in Colorado will require you to attend a parenting class. This applies even if your children are older and understand everything that is going on between their parents. The courts treat this so seriously you actually have to prove your attendance. The class has many goals, one of which is to educate you about the needs of your children as you progress towards a divorce – and after. Many clients come to Ammarell Deasy skeptical about such classes; some are even reluctant to attend. I can tell you, the lessons taught are invaluable.

If you are embarrassed or afraid of running into a neighbor or even an acquaintance, attend a class across town, as metro Denver has plenty to offer. Focusing on the needs of your children is pivotal in the classes. You get to ask questions and receive valuable literature about the dissolution process in the eyes of children. The professionals teaching the three or four hour long courses are approved by judges to instruct and they take their jobs seriously. Both Laura Ammarell and I have attended these classes so we can absolutely tell you what to expect. You may feel sad at times, learning what our children experience when adults made adults decisions. That said, the education you receive, and the focus you will place on putting your child’s needs ahead of your own, will create an environment of success for your children moving forward.

Simply put, while parenting classes may be a must, they should be approached with an open mind and a child-centered point of view. At Ammarell Deasy, we will make sure you are enrolled in the right class, complete the work, and let the court know you took this obligation seriously. After all, our clients want success for their children and we put those children at the top of our priority list!