Getting a protective order in Colorado
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Getting a protective order in Colorado

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2019 | Domestic Violence |

Those in abusive marriages often feel like they’ve lost control of their lives. In many cases, their partner may suffocate them both mentally and physically with excessive putdowns, threats of physical violence or sexual assault.

This can leave the abused spouse and sometimes their kids feeling like they have no way out. Luckily, protective orders can provide victims with the safety they need to keep their abusers away. While a protective order cannot stop violence in every situation, it can offer consequences to abusers who do not comply with its specifications.

What is a protective order?

Typically referred to as a restraining order, a protective order can provide victims temporary or long-term shelter from their abusers. These documents can get approved by state courts and specify the distance abusers must stay away from their ex-spouse and children. Depending on the circumstances, some protective orders can even impose firearm restrictions on alleged abusers.

Protective orders can also be used to shield more than just one person. For example, a parent can file one for their children if they are the main targets of domestic violence.

How can people in Colorado get a protective order?

Here are some steps abuse victims can take:

  • Complete the appropriate forms.
  • File the papers with a Colorado state court.
  • Receive a temporary protection order before the court hearing.
  • Complete personal service.
  • Go through a permanent protection order court hearing.

Abuse victims deserve a voice

No one deserves to live a life full of pain and fear at the hands of an abusive partner. Those looking to file a protective order may want to speak with an attorney. They can help get their clients the safety and security they deserve.