Should you be asking for spousal support?
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Should you be asking for spousal support?

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The stress of a divorce may be difficult to handle, especially if you’re worried about your finances. You always worked, but you didn’t earn as much as your spouse. In the last two years, you took off time to take care of your children. Getting a new job may take time, and you might have to start at a lower wage.

To help make the situation easier on yourself, something you may want to ask for is spousal support. Spousal support is something that you and your spouse can agree to outside court or ask a judge to decide on.

Why ask for spousal support?

You may want to ask for spousal support if:

  • You’re worried about being able to make ends meet while trying to find a new job
  • You supported your family and set aside your career to support your spouse
  • You returned to work but don’t earn enough to support yourself
  • Your standard of living will change significantly as a result of divorcing

The goal of spousal support is that both parties will be able to support themselves following the divorce. It’s normal to see temporary maintenance be awarded to one spouse, which may be awarded until a final agreement is reached.

In most divorces, you’ll no longer see permanent alimony, but you may be able to receive it for several months or years, depending on how long you were married. Every case is different, but your attorney will be able to speak with you about what to expect and how to seek support if you need it to make ends meet after you go through your divorce.