Does a parent’s gender matter in child custody cases?
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Does a parent’s gender matter in child custody cases?

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2021 | Child Custody |

A common concern dads have when they split up with their child’s mom is whether their gender will affect their kids’ ability to secure custody. While being a male impacted a dad’s custodial rights in the past, gender doesn’t carry the same weight as it once did. Judges now base their decisions on what appears to be in your kids’ best interests.

How judges used to make custodial decisions

Judges used to award custody to moms in higher numbers than they do now. They did so because child psychology research at the time showed that it was more beneficial for younger kids to remain close to their moms. Few mothers were in the job market at the time, so it was a lot easier for kids to stay with the parent who could spend the most time with the children.

How times have changed how judges award custody

Child psychologists’ understanding as to what’s best for kids’ development has evolved in recent years. They now believe that having children spend equal time with both parents is what’s best for them. Many mothers have now joined the workforce. Joint custodial arrangements seem to be what most family law judges opt for nowadays.

How parents’ jobs outside the home affect custody arrangements

It’s become increasingly popular for moms and dads who both have full-time jobs yet different schedules outside of the home to enjoy parenting time when the other parent is at work. Parents who have similar schedules may devise a plan that allows them to split their time with their child during nonwork hours.

Moms and dads must then broker agreements for how to handle breaks and holidays when their child may be out of school, but they, as parents, may not be off work. Moms and dads must work out a plan for handling emergencies as well.

The chances of a Colorado family law judge awarding you custody as a dad is just as likely as it is for a mom now unless one of you presents a valid case for why the court shouldn’t do this. Sorting out a parenting plan now that most judges award joint custody can be challenging, especially if you two have similar schedules. A child custody attorney can help you determine what will work best for you in your Denver case, though.