Does a temporary or permanent protection order affect divorce?  
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Does a temporary or permanent protection order affect divorce?  

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | Divorce |

Your marriage had issues. You may have felt unsafe around your spouse because they were physically violent toward you or they threatened you when you decided to end the relationship.

Those who feel frightened for their own safety and who have evidence of violence, abuse or threats can potentially go to the Colorado court for a temporary or emergency protection order. They can also then gather evidence for a hearing to secure a permanent protection order.

Will either of these documents have an impact on family law proceedings in Colorado?

A protection order may affect how the courts handle your divorce

Sometimes, the spouse requesting a protection order will move to a new location so that their spouse cannot locate them. In such a situation, the person who obtained the order can ask the courts for certain accommodations during their divorce.

For example, they can prevent the disclosure of their current living address. They can also arrange for support so that they don’t risk bumping into their ex alone in the hallways outside of the courtroom. When the lawyer representing the person with the protection order and the judge overseeing the case know about the order, it can affect many aspects of the divorce process.

A protection order could impact child custody matters

Generally speaking, Colorado family law judges like to split parental rights and responsibilities between divorcing parents. However, when one parent is obviously a threat to the children in the family, a judge may limit their access or give the other parent full custody.

Judges usually don’t alter their ruling on allegations alone, but a protective order or a police report can go a long way toward helping someone influence the custody outcome in their divorce. Understanding the influence a protection order could have on your divorce can help you decide if pursuing one is worth the effort.