What should you do if your spouse resists getting divorced?
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What should you do if your spouse resists getting divorced?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Divorce |

Not all marriages end when one spouse passes away or when both spouses reach a mutual agreement to walk in separate directions. Unfortunately, those who do not want a divorce often claw, fight and rage against the proceedings. Others may struggle with divorce while still behaving civilly.

Unless you have cause to dislike your spouse strongly, you probably do not want them to suffer. At the same time, however, you deserve a fresh start in your life if this is what you feel is healthiest for you. The suggestions below may help you to convince a noncooperative spouse that divorce is coming whether they want one or not.

Be patient, but firm

Everyone deserves a little patience when trying to accept a challenging event or situation like divorce. Try listening to your spouse’s arguments and concerns but avoid giving them false hope of reconciliation. Unless your spouse actually changes your mind about ending the marriage, finish your discussions by reemphasizing (kindly) that you want a divorce if any misunderstandings remain.

Be empowering

Sometimes, part of a spouse’s reluctance revolves around financial issues. For example, they may feel they cannot earn enough to meet their needs on a single income. Reach deep and remember what you admire about them (perseverance, dedication, etc.) and let them know they can survive without anyone else.

Some people need a reminder about their true potential when leaving a marriage. Do not hesitate to refresh your spouse’s memory about what they can accomplish if they are in such a position.

Know the law

Since a kind and gentle approach does not work in all situations, make sure that you understand the legal ins and outs of divorcing in Colorado. The knowledge you hold will better ensure your protection if your reluctant spouse decides to become vengeful in their efforts to stop the proceedings.