How can you enforce child custody orders in Colorado?
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How can you enforce child custody orders in Colorado?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Child Custody |

Court-issued custody orders are based on the child’s best interests, so both parents must abide by them. If you have been granted custody or visitation rights of your child in Colorado, you may wonder what you can do if your co-parent constantly disregards the custody arrangement.

It could be refusing to return the child on time, interfering with your parenting time or violating other terms of the custody orders. Either way, you ought to take action to enforce the court orders and prevent disruptions in your child’s life. Here is what you should do.

Start by gathering relevant evidence

Documenting your co-parents’ non-compliance with the custody orders will help prove your claims are not baseless or in bad faith. Keep a record of missed visitations, denied parenting time or any other violations that demonstrate your co-parent’s refusal to comply with court orders. Text messages, emails and even witness testimony are key pieces of evidence you can rely on.

Give communication and dialogue a chance

Communicate with your co-parent and try to resolve the issue between yourselves. Express your concerns regarding their actions and remind them of the importance of following the court-ordered custody arrangement. Remember to document your efforts to resolve the issue amicably, as it could help your case down the line.

Consider taking legal action

If informal attempts to enforce custody orders prove unsuccessful, it may be necessary to seek legal intervention. Courts have a raft of enforcement measures that can help ensure compliance with such orders, but you have to go through certain legal procedures.

Seeking the necessary guidance can help you navigate the legal formalities involved in the child support enforcement process and increase the chances of a favorable resolution.