How can what you post on social media affect your divorce?
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How can what you post on social media affect your divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2023 | Child Custody, Divorce, Property Division |

Social media has become a platform where people express themselves and their thoughts openly. While freedom of expression is a civil right, it can be especially influential in civil matters. Your former spouse can use everything you post or share on social media as evidence against you in a divorce. They may use your photos or videos to claim you have a substance abuse problem or that you dissipated marital assets during your marriage. It might be best to avoid social media altogether and err on the side of caution when necessary.

What you should not post on social media during a divorce

Social media should not be an outlet for you to discuss matters of your divorce. Furthermore, you should never use it to exact revenge on your spouse or show how happy your life is because of the divorce. Regardless of how angry you are at your spouse, here are the things you should never post or share on social media when going through a divorce:

  • Photos or videos with alcohol or drugs in them.
  • Photos or videos with a romantic interest or new partner.
  • Photos or videos of lavish trips and expensive items.
  • Negative comments or statements about your ex-spouse.

What you share or post can become particularly harmful when you are amid a child custody battle. A spouse who wants sole custody of the kids can try to make it seem like you are an unfit parent. The court will always prioritize the child’s best interests and will unlikely grant parental responsibilities to a parent who appears to have a substance abuse problem or is financially irresponsible.

What you should do instead

If you have children with your former spouse, prioritize them now more than ever. They will need to be front and center during these challenging times. Remember to change the passwords of all your social media accounts and assume your ex can obtain access to your accounts anytime. Avoid sharing or posting things before you finalize your divorce. It might also be a good idea to remain single until it is final.

Always be careful with what you say and share with other people. A screenshot is proof.